AtticSalt Gets A Brand Refresh

Rani Sweis

I’m often quoted for saying, “Branding is never a one-and-done project.” At the beginning of this year I was forced to eat my own words.

During the four years AtticSalt has been in business we’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with so many terrific organizations among a multitude of industries and verticals. We’ve found that our capabilities and process seemed to have the greatest impact on organizations in technology and health. Besides its so much easier to be passionate about your work when you’re making a difference. (At least that’s what the stereotypes say about us Millennials)

Given this new direction it was important that our visual identity also reflected this change and catered more towards our new audience focus.

Hitting the mark.

Just like any organization going through a rebrand we had a tough time letting go of our old logo but we needed something more in line with the brands of the future. The new custom wordmark was inspired the by the Circular typeface which was progressive yet simple.

Scalability was also a huge improvement in our new logo. Our new a+ moniker is perfect for mobile use and it represents our uncompromising commitment to high quality work. Best of all its consistent with the story behind the AtticSalt name.


This a new color palette and font that is just our type.

Social Media Branding

A bold attitude.

For the fear of alienating any industries we were always extremely careful of what we said and especially how we said it. Now we just let our snarky personality shine through and our customers love us for it.



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