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The Biggest Reason Companies Fail

Never in history has it been easier to start a business than it is today. In the digital world, all you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. […]


Logos are a waste of time.

How does a logo help your brand? Simply put, It doesn’t. Not by itself, at least.   A logo without a strong purpose or meaning behind it is completely useless. […]


What we can learn from Medium’s brand refresh.

From the plethora of rehashed articles on Facebook to Stories on Snap and IG,  there is no shortage of content on the internet these days. Hell, there are enough cat […]

The greatest brand in history.

Billions of Christian believers around the world gathered this past Sunday to celebrate Easter and commemorate the holy resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like many, I spent most of the day […]


The stars Aline

In the beginning of year the AtticSalt team discussed some big ideas for branding and how we wanted to tackle our larger-than-life goals. Bridging the gap between brands and their […]

The Sixth Sense Of Architecture

Any great architecture and design firm pays close attention to the laws of spacial design and how the five senses play a major role in every design. This is old news […]


The Perfect Logo For Your Brand

No words required. Just a swoosh logo and we know it’s Nike.   What we forget is that Nike wasn’t anything when they first started. Originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, […]

Choose the Right Logo for Your Brand

How Branding Can Save Your Business

  You’re thinking about starting a business. There are a million plus one expenses on your list, and that list is getting pretty darn long. Unless you were born with a […]


Creating The Brands Of The Future

When you partner with AtticSalt, you’re not just hiring an agency to handle your branding. You’re joining a movement to change the world. When I set out and founded this company in […]

What does branding even mean?

Branding. Coca-Cola does it, of course. Entire countries do it. Wedding planners too. And if you’ve got a logo, you do it. Right? Wait a sec. What is branding, anyway? […]