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Keep Your Personalized Marketing Transparent

Recently me and a few industry colleagues were interviewed by Zoomph, a social media marketing analytics and listening platform, for their blog post on the concept of personalized marketing which […]

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Phoenix Startup Week 2018: A Look Back

At Phoenix Startup Week 2017 last year, a connection was made between AtticSalt founder Rani Sweis and me (at the time I was partner at BRANDish Social Media). I was […]

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Innovation: Which Brands Still Got It?

What brands do you consider truly innovative? We posed this question to a few of our team members this week in honor of National Innovation Day on Friday, February 16th. […]

DeVito, Dinklage, and Dodge: How We Rated The Super Bowl Ads

Let’s just lay this groundwork to start this off… Most people do NOT enjoy ads. This makes it hard for advertisers to keep people’s attention, since it’s usually relatively clear […]