The Story Behind Our Name

Rani Sweis

Throughout the years that AtticSalt has been in business, we have lost count of how many times people have asked about our name. While it holds great significance to us and what we stand for, we also thought it was important to share the backstory of how our identity came to be.

Right from the beginning our vision was always become a leader in brand identity development. Since naming was to be one of our primary services, it was imperative that our own name was a case study in itself.

We searched tirelessly to find a word or phrase that sparked curiosity, embodied our values and also captured the essence of what branding can actually accomplish for our clients. Certainly a tall order of requirements to meet.

Alas, our expedition led us to Attica, a region of ancient Greece whose people were famously recognized for their innate ability to articulate ideas with great stories and charming wit. As we stumbled upon this information for the first time it was as if these proverbs from the past were painting the picture of our agency’s future.

Simply put the ancient adage translates to, “Sparkling thought, well expressed.”

We take full ownership of our bold and audacious spirit and our design philosophy. It has always blessed us with inspiration create simple, yet clever solutions for our clients. For us, AtticSalt is not just a name but a belief system.




It was important to us that a piece of Attica continued to live on through our brand identity. Coming across the Attica Flag was love at first sight. A simplistic design of a plus that sits in the middle of a blue center gave us plenty of opportunity to incorporate it in our visual identity. The plus not only pays homage to the Attica Flag, but to us it also represents our uncompromising company values and the benefit we add to our partner's brands.


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