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Done Is Not Always Better Than Perfect.

There is a great quote that states, “Done is better than perfect.” Most of the time this is perfectly true. If you’re the type that gets overwhelmed by the magnitude […]


Spread Porn

There is nothing more exciting than jumping into a new relationship. The initial phase of conversation, getting to know each other and creating intimacy is such a build up of […]


Logos Are a Waste of Time.

How does a logo help your brand? Simply put, It doesn’t. Not by itself, at least.   A logo without a strong purpose or meaning behind it is completely useless. […]


Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Brand?

Tis the season for doing the twice-over vacuum, the once-a-year blind dusting and- if you’re in AZ- finally admitting that it’s not getting any cooler and it’s probably time to […]

It Comes In Colors

Does anyone remember the original marketing campaign promoting Apple’s then new iMac computers? I do. The campaign was a classic example of great branding. It reminded me of the seminal […]


Turning Your Space Into a Brand Experience

Any great architecture and design firm pays close attention to the laws of spacial design and how the five senses play a major role in every design. This is old news […]


The Perfect Logo For Your Brand

No words required. Just a swoosh logo and we know it’s Nike.   What we forget is that Nike wasn’t anything when they first started. Originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, […]

Choose the Right Logo for Your Brand

The Psychology Of Color.

Create a brand that stands out as an orange in a field of apples. Sounds crazy but that’s what we love to do. At AtticSalt we’re not just designing logos […]

color psychology

Google | GDG

Before you start, ask Google. Before starting any project we always do a Google search. This time we researched the different Google GDG designs from around the world. We found […]


The Craven Firm

A fearless logo. When developing this logo concept, we were seeking a icon of strength and not just of the physical kind. It needed strong in character and values. It just […]