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AtticSalt Gets A Brand Refresh

I’m often quoted for saying, “Branding is never a one-and-done project.” At the beginning of this year I was forced to eat my own words. During the four years AtticSalt […]


The Story Behind Our Name

Throughout the years that AtticSalt has been in business, we have lost count of how many times people have asked about our name. While it holds great significance to us […]

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Phoenix Startup Week 2018: A Look Back

At Phoenix Startup Week 2017 last year, a connection was made between AtticSalt founder Rani Sweis and me (at the time I was partner at BRANDish Social Media). I was […]

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What We Can Learn From Medium’s Brand Refresh.

From the plethora of rehashed articles on Facebook to Stories on Snap and IG,  there is no shortage of content on the internet these days. Hell, there are enough cat […]

The Stars Aline

In the beginning of year the AtticSalt team discussed some big ideas for branding and how we wanted to tackle our larger-than-life goals. Bridging the gap between brands and their […]

An Uber Successful Rebrand.

A New Uber Logo: The Best Mistake Ever! Uber’s new logo has created an uproar. Uber users and the online community are talking it out, trying to make sense of […]


Creating The Brands Of The Future

When you partner with AtticSalt, you’re not just hiring an agency to handle your branding. You’re joining a movement to change the world. When I set out and founded this company in […]