The Psychology Of Color.

Create a brand that stands out as an orange in a field of apples. Sounds crazy but that’s what we love to do. At AtticSalt we’re not just designing logos and writing taglines, we’re building brands people love. Sometimes that means we completely disregard common color practices and color psychology. Instead we focus on how we want your customers to feel when they experience your brand.

color psychology


If you want to get your brand noticed, do what others refuse to do. What happens if we use colors differently? To understand, let’s discuss color psychology for marketing from a traditional perspective.


Blue is calm, clean, and trustworthy and is most often used for financial, medical, and government organizations.


Red is color of passion and danger. Food companies like Coca-Cola often choose red because it is bold, dynamic, and demands attention.


Orange is optimistic, innovative, and fun with a sense of confident youth. Fanta, Amazon, and Nickelodeon are a few of the brands that come to mind.


Yellow is radiant color but may be conflicting at times. Often it’s used to highlight caution but it’s also highly inspirational and a popular color among food brands like McDonald’s and Subway as it may stimulate appetite. (We wonder if it’s the brand association and not the color at all.)


Green is the color of life and renewal. It is used for natural, ethical, organic, and fresh brands like Whole Foods or Starbucks.


Brands use specific colors to evoke certain feelings and emotions but beyond the butterflies color can represent a significant part of your brand’s story.  Customers are no longer just looking to make a purchase, they’re demanding an experience. The right use of color can deliver that.


Take our client Ethos Integrative Medicine as an example. The most common colors among medical brands are shades of greens and blues. It is what patients have come to expect. However they also expect a sub-par experience from what we refer to as, “the broken healthcare system.”  Ethos wanted to deliver an uplifting healthcare experience like no other, so it would make very little sense for us to follow in the path of all the others.


That’s why we chose a color palette that other physicians would not dare to use. We want patients to immediately recognize that the experience they are about to have is of no relation to the previous doctor visits that lead them to come to Ethos.


We were inspired by the colors we saw among “healthy” industries such as fresh juices, yoga, and fitness. We wanted to invite those same feelings into Ethos while giving the brand it’s own signature palette.


The human brain processes color in such a fascinating way. Much like a scent can be nostalgic and take you back to Grandma’s house every time you smell fresh baked cookies, color can have that same powerful effect.


When you see Tiffany blue, what do you feel? You feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. When you receive that little blue box as a gift you feel like you are the most important person in the world. Even though the jewelry on the inside could very well be from Walmart, you believe that you a getting the highest in quality. Every time you see that signature shade of blue you think of Tiffany. That is the power of color branding.


That’s what we do every time we create brands for our clients. We want your customers to feel unforgettable.


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