Creating The Brands Of The Future

Rani Sweis

When you partner with AtticSalt, you’re not just hiring an agency to handle your branding. You’re joining a movement to change the world. When I set out and founded this company in 2013 my goal was never to be “just another agency”. God knows the valley has enough of those. No exuberantly fancy offices, just an amazing team that is uber talented and extremely passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of people and the environments that they inhabit.

Our company culture is built around the freedom to create great work from anywhere that inspires creativity, not one built on mind numbing 9-5’s or a managerial hierarchy set to destroy creativity in the work place. It is this vision and laser beam focus that keeps us growing and moving in the right direction. Our internal tagline is creating the brands of the future. In order to do that on a daily basis we must be a disrupter of the agency space push ourselves to think past the possibilities of the box.

When olympic runner, Roger Bannister, set out to break the 4 minute mile in 1954, experts claimed that the human body was simply not capable of a 4-minute mile. Shortly after, Roger broke that record and changed history forever. Our take-away from this lesson is that while every other money focused agency zigs right, we focus on the elements that truly matter and zag to the left. In the end, our clients reap the rewards of true segment differentiation and are a part of a brand that is genuinely gratifying to them and their most valuable customers.


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