The Perfect Logo For Your Brand

Rani Sweis

No words required. Just a swoosh logo and we know it’s Nike.


What we forget is that Nike wasn’t anything when they first started. Originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, they were a reseller of Japanese running shoes. It wasn’t until 1973 that they rebranded under the name Nike, which happens to be the name of the Greek Godess of victory, and began endorsements for athletes that they gained in popularity.


Then came the new craze of jogging. Nike solved the need of lightweight running shoes.


The swoosh had absolutely no meaning  until Nike gave consumers an experience they couldn’t forget.


In 1988 the phrase Just do It was coined and the swoosh became synonymous with high level athletic performance. Until you give consumers a Nike-like experience the right logo for your brand is just the door into the customer experience. It’s like the signature on an artist’s painting, if you will. You must always be  thinking about the brand experience.


Make the Logo Meaningful.

When we created the logo for Ethos Integrative Medicine we knew we were combining the brands of two doctors into one medical brand. Not only that but the logo had to be meaningful to reflect what integrative medicine is – the seamless combination of conventional medicine and natural, alternative medicine. Each line of the logo represents part of their story and the color palette was chosen to reflect the change that happens when patients experience integrative medicine.

What do you want your customers, clients, or patients to experience when they interact with your brand?

The logo is just the beginning of your  story.

Understand the different types of logos.

You can’t just drive up to a window and order a logo. There’s more to consider including the type of logo whether it’s typographic, illustrative, or abstract graphic.



Wordmark  – a logo using just words, custom typeface or a handwritten font. These logos usually simple and clever. Done right, a wordmark is timeless and very easy to identify.


brand    google_logo_2015   



Brand Mark – icons, symbols or abstract graphics that represent your business and often recognizable without text. These can be used in conjunction with a word mark until the icon becomes recognizable on its own.


apple nike    brand-6



Letter Mark – creating a logo or graphic using  the first letter in the company name or an acronym/initials of full company name. Used much like a brand mark unless the initials are the full name of the brand, as used in CNN, IBM, and HP.


cnn-debut-1    McD  brand-7



Illustration Mark – a hand-drawn mark, illustration or character representing your brand. If you have a strong character who is the face of your brand sometimes it can be a great idea to make them synonymous with your company.



brand-3 brand-2      brand-4



Emblem – this can be any combination of the above marks but is depicted in the form of a shield, badge, or a chevron style mark.


nfl_new_brand   starbucks_2011_true_logo_0      brand-5



In the digital age it’s interesting to see brands doing away with one color in favor of using a dynamic mark; using varieties of colors representing the season or matching a specific ad or social media campaign. Take Google as an example with its nearly daily changes depending on holidays. There’s still never a doubt that it’s Google.

Whatever type of logo you select, find the team who can bring your logo from concept to brand.


Choose the Right Branding Firm, Not Just a Designer.

When it comes to creating a logo that connects to your target market, think ahead to what you want your brand to reflect, now and in the future. Remember, the swoosh wasn’t anything until Nike created an experience. While you can hire a graphic designer to create a cheap logo, that doesn’t mean that you’re building a brand experience that will connect to your customers values. If your a small local business with no intention to grow significantly, sometimes a stand alone logo will suffice. However if you’re looking to build an experience that will create a cult-like following of loyal customers you should consider hiring a professional. A great branding firm will help you differentiation your brand from your competitors, and increase consumer loyalty.



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