Brand Seasoning

If you're not a designer talking creativity can be difficult and that sucks. We believe that building a brand and working through those messaging kinks should be exciting, not dreadful. Over the years we developed tools to make the branding process more fun and interactive for our clients. Rather than hoarding them we decided to package and made them easily accessible for world to use. Officially launch is slated for the end of Q1 2019.

What we did.

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Setting the mood.


A new perspective on design.

Most designers can envision things that aren't visible to the common beholder. The hardest part about the job of a creative is getting our clients to see them as well. It was important to us that the brand identity of these tools captured the essence of our company while also demonstrating their benefits.


Brand Thinkbook.

The first step in the AtticSalt discovery phase is extracting valuable insights while conditioning our new partners to think creatively about their brand's goals. This signature questionnaire helps our clients discover and define what value their company, product or service brings to the market.


Brand Archetypes.

People create bonds with human beings not objects. Our Brand Archetype Cards are a fun and interactive exercise that helps our clients build a persona for their company that will continue to guide their brand direction for many years to come.

To add to the beauty of our design we decided that only the premium quality of Mohawk® 18pt super stock paper would do. This deck is printed by MOO® which gives these gorgeous cards a velvet finish that feels as incredible as it looks.


Brand Personality.

Just like people, brands have personality. This beautifully crafted deck of cards, also printed by MOO® with premium quality Mohawk® 18pt super stock paper, is a quick and interactive process that helps our clients define the brand voice and image. 


Brand Framework.

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