The Craven Firm

Prior to meeting the wonderful folks at The Craven Firm, we would've never accepted to design a brand identity for a law office. At AtticSalt, we believe in turning down projects that don't align with our values. And honestly, we can't say that we've ever met an attorney who cared about anything other money, winning, and him/herself, until now. That's all due to Jeffrey Craven, the man behind the vision. Jeff won us over with the level of compassion he has for his clients and his willingness to fight tooth and nail to protect them from attorneys who stop at nothing just to make a buck.

What we did.

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A fearless logo.

When developing this logo concept, we were seeking a icon of strength and not just of the physical kind. It needed strong in character and values. It just so happens that Jeff is a Taurus so we landed on the bull.  We gave it a stoic upright stance to symbolize the willingness to stand up to those who oppose it and that it wasn't willing to budge and the first sign of resistance. 


A tagline
with a backbone.

For years Jeffrey had been referred to by his own clients as "The Approachable Lawyer" due to his unpretentious demeanor. The world of corporate law is filled with contracts and waivers. We were looking to use this as a play on words, but it needed align with Jeff's values.

The Craven team is driven by the golden rule and doing the right thing at all cost. At the firm, honesty is way of life; a belief system of sorts. They're not just believers in truth, they defenders of it. Which is why any of their clients will tell you first hand that this new slogan is spot on.




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