Dig It

We have never seen a couple of millennials more passionate about plants than the owners of Dig It. The nursery did not go up over night. It took a lot of work, blood, sweat, and tears to bring this garden to life. It wasn't easy but it turned out beautifully. Tim and Ryan were very careful in choosing where to plant their roots, so we wanted to be just as meticulous in designing the perfect mark. Our font choice symbolizes the deep roots Dig It intends to plant in the community and through their hard work they will all grow together. The Dig it green brings vibrant life into an old craft and the wood and natural elements keeps the brand true to the earth and the brand.

What we did.

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Nearly perfect online brand reputation.

After only a week of taking over the social campaign for Dig It Urban Garden, their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following increase by over of 300%. Because they were so in tuned to the needs of their target market and Phoenix community, the reviews came flooding in. continue to come and Dig It quickly became an overnight hit with the local community.



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