Dr. Mayer and Dr. Hernandez needed an identity for a new style of medical clinic in Arizona. Like many physicians, they had been operating as separate practices under their own names; Hernandez specializing in sports medicine while Mayer's focus was on women's health and esthetics. Moving forward they were looking to join forces to create a premier integrative health solution.

What we did.

  • Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Print & Packaging

Their challenge.

Health insurance has never played very well with integrative medicine, a form of medical practice that combines the diagnostics of conventional medicine and the preventative natural treatment of alternative medicine. To make matters worse, the affordable care act of 2010 created an even greater divide.

Drs. Hernandez and Mayer made the conscious decision to stop accepting insurance all together to avoid conflict. They knew that they would lose some patients, but were unsure of how to attract more of the right people. They hired our team to name and design a brand that communicates the benefits of integrative medicine and compels a new demographic to pay out of pocket for healthcare. 


Our solution.

An uplifting wellness experience that focuses on health and wellbeing as opposed to the sterile sickness clinic in a typical doctor's office. During our discovery process our team found that Drs. Hernandez and Mayer never overbooked themselves or rushed patients. They made the time to fully understand the needs and conditions of their patients so that they could properly recommend that best form of treatment.

This commitment to quality care over profit is that guiding principle of their practice and also what their patients love the most about them. It was this ethos that helped us arrive at the just the right name for their new practice and gave us plenty of ideas for our creative process.



The Bar

The bar, as we call it, represents conventional medicine. This method of practice is diagnostic, research based, and matter of fact as is a straight line.

The Wave

The wave symbolizes natural medicine. This practice is organic, it's adaptive, and much softer.


The middle circle symbolizes the wholeness that is created when the two forms of practice come together.



The results speak for themselves.

The AtticSalt branding process provided clarity and direction for Ethos leadership. The market research and data we collected helped them settle into a new location central to their target demographic. Our team also provided them with a brand standards guide in order to continue guiding them in their brand journey. After only a year into their new brand the results were astonishing.

-  163% increase in total revenue. 

-  142% increase in new patients

-  80% patient retention. (20 percent increase over former identity.)


Logos & Marks: Vol. 1