Fit In Transit

FIT founder, Kelley Patrick, was referred to us by another one of our amazing clients. At that time, Fit In Transit was just a name and an idea to help the business traveling community live a healthier lifestyle. We set out to fully understand this goal driven target audience and build a brand that resonates with them.

What we did.

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Inspired by movement.

It's a bird. It's a plane. No wait, it's Fit In Transit. The whole purpose behind this brand is about getting from point A to point B; taking our bodies from fat to fit while traveling from place to place. Hence we drew our inspiration for the brand concepts from two simple words: transportation and transformation.


A beautiful mark.

From the curve of the wave to the hidden symbolism, this stunning mark is sure to impress. Most notably is the hidden letter 'i' within the negative space to spell FIT which is also the acronym for Fit In Transit. This is a symbol represents the many tasks that must occur in between the a busy lifestyle in order to achieve that level of fitness while being on the go. The angled curve of the mark along with the bold italic letterforms are also embody the faced paced way of live for many of this driven A-type personalities.


Matching Website.

At the heart of it all, Fit In Transit, is a fitness resource for business travelers. We created four different categories: Travel, Inspire, Move, and Eat, which cleverly create an acronym for something they can all use more of, T.I.M.E.



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