Skilled is automation software created to give consumers the ability to book directly into a contractors schedule. Unlike the competition this software is was built primarily for trades organizations. Capabilities include employee management, time tracking, invoicing and much more. In short, Skilled was created to simplify of the busy work that goes into running a contracting business.

Tech and the trades go together like oil and vinegar. Therefore tradespeople and contractors are not known to be the most tech savvy of people. They have a different set of values. We needed to create a utilitarian brand that was easy to use reflected the ideals of the craft. Simple.

What we did.

  • Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Print & Packaging
Skilled Brand Strategy

Lines of business are divided by color.

Choosing the right palette was imperative for this brand. Given that the three brand lines had completely different audience profiles, we needed to be very selective on color choices. Orange is a bold masculine color known among the trades, for reasons like Home Depot and traffic cones, so we implemented it for the business facing platform. Customers using Skilled for booking received a trustworthy and friendly shade of blue. Lastly we selected yellow for enterprise accounts since many power tool brands identify with that color.


Custom Website.

Given the complexity of our demographics we needed to design a website that could be interchangeably applied to each platform of business. We opted for simplicity and built a complete set of icons unique to the brand.

Skilled UX Design

A simply beautiful user interface.

We can't help but marvel at the beauty of this UI. For a software that does nearly everything for trades organizations it can easily become overbearing and messy. We managed to color code and design every aspect of this program in a way that was so simple to use and navigate that a baby could do it.



  • Branding