Windigo Signs is changing the game. Founder, Mark Baldwin had a big vision in mind when hiring us to create the brand identity for his new sign invention: Become the leading sign of the industry. Up until now, promotional signage has been cheaply manufactured, poor quality, and costs a fortune to ship large format. Our challenge was packing all of the benefits of this amazing new product into a simple yet progressive identity that appeals to its "no nonsense" target audience. We were tasked with creating a brand strategy, identity, and a slogan for the sign of future. Big ideas do come in small packages!

What we did.

  • Naming
  • Identity Design

A dynamic logo.

The biggest differentiating characteristic of the Windigo sign is its versatility. Virtually any size sign can be assembled using only 4 component parts. Every sign can easily be disassembled to fit and ship inside a much small sized container. We wanted to give their brand mark that same level of versatility.

Whether used for a website header, shipping label, or molded right on to the durable frame this logo has the ability to fit perfectly without losing its beautiful design.

Business Card Mockup

Fit In Transit

Dig It

  • Branding