Turning Your Space Into a Brand Experience

Rani Sweis

Any great architecture and design firm pays close attention to the laws of spacial design and how the five senses play a major role in every design. This is old news and your eyes have glazed over just skimming over these words. Your firm has been using these principles for years, but as brands evolve so is experiential design. More often than not architects and designers have forgotten about the sixth, and most important sense.

Sorry sci-fi fans, I’m not talking about seeing dead people. I’m talking about the F word.

Have you ever been inside a space that simply didn’t feel right? You were scheduled to be there for a meeting or event, but you just found yourself counting the milliseconds to when you could leave. On the other hand, what’s your experience like when everything feels just right? We did a Yelp review search of the word “feel” on one of our favorite Italian eateries and the results were mind blowing. The F word is taking over the brand experience.




The Brand Experience

Building a brand is far more than just designing a logo. An experience can be instantaneous or it can happen over time. This notion of a brand lies dormant in the subconscious of our brain until it is awakened by the sight of your logo or brand name. Much like a mnemonic device, a logo or brand name then triggers any of the feelings and experiences a person has had with a company. It’s the reason people are willing to wait three hours in line just to experience a brand. The AtticSalt branding process considers every single touch point of the brand experience. We strategize how we want people to feel anytime they encounter your brand. AtticSalt cannot dictate what people feel, but we can influence those feelings by communicating what makes the brand special to its target audience. There are many benefits we provide that make your job as an Architect much easier.


Benefits of branding partnership.

Clear Direction.

Clients who don’t know what they want can drive you nuts and waste a lot of time. This usual always ends up in scope creep, and an unhappy team. Going through the branding process eliminates this frustration. We work with all of our clients to develop a brand direction, target audience, personality and tone. Partnering with us means that you’ll never be put on a wild goose chase by a client that asks for their space to be modern/contemporary when they really should be asking for rustic industrial. Working with us on brand strategy and identity design will reduce confusion and wasted time.

Brand Context.

Nothing loses customer loyalty more quickly than a disconnected brand. If a retail shop’s brand messaging tells the story of luxury and prestige but the interior says “DIY Etsy shop” with hand crafted elements and cheap finishes, then your client could be riding on a quickly sinking ship.

When an object is not designed to relate to the other elements it can feel foreign and stand out. Sometimes this can be to create a special moment if you’re looking to draw attention to a single element, color, or texture. On the contrary, it may appear disjointed from the brand, and that can break an otherwise seamless brand experience.

Great branding should always be consistent and memorable. Whether your firm partners with us we will make sure that you have access to all of the brand’s standards so that you can match them in your designs. A great brand is always clear, concise, and coherent which is why it’s so important that your architecture is on-brand as well.

Successful Clients.

Architecture is a work of passion. We all want our clients to be head over heels about our work. However, none of that matters if their target audience doesn’t identify with the design. Every brand we create starts with a Discovery Phase that includes intensive target market research and customer personas. Going into our Strategy + Design Phase we know exactly what our partner’s target demographic and how we are going to deliver to them. When our clients succeed it means that we have done great work. Designing for the end user we’re ensures that we create a timeless brand that people love.


Do more of what you’re great at doing.

Not all design is created equal. Each concentration has a special set of skills and principles. We are an excellent brand design firm. This certainly doesn’t give us the technical skills to practice architecture. Architecture and branding firms both execute design with surgical precision but one could never expect a cardiologist to do a neurologist’s job.

It’s painful to see beautiful buildings and interiors that have completely disconnected brand visuals. Branding is the science of consumer behavior. It’s the foundation of a company’s ideals, identity and direction. The brand should always be considered before or simultaneously with the design of the space. It should never be an afterthought.

To bring to life the complete brand experience we must partner with great architecture firms. Our focus has always been to be the best in brand identity design. Having architecture in house would dilute our focus and our mission. This partnership allows us to both keep our focus on the service that makes us great in the first place. The gap between brands and their architecture has never been completely aligned but together we can change that.


Everybody wins!

No matter which way you look at it, partnering with AtticSalt can be a big advantage to everyone involved. You save yourself lots of headaches, time, and an unhappy team. Your clients receive clear direction, and an amazing space that is also within the context of their outstanding new brand, and most importantly greater customer loyalty. And we get to build a complete brand experience that lives beyond pixels and paper.


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