The Stars Aline

Rani Sweis

In the beginning of year the AtticSalt team discussed some big ideas for branding and how we wanted to tackle our larger-than-life goals. Bridging the gap between brands and their environment was one of them. Like people, brands have personality and they are meant to be experienced by all of the senses.
Our talented team has created brands that have been experienced in pixels and print but I’ve always felt that there was a crucial piece missing from the brand experience and that was architecture, until now.
Early this month we moved into our new office space inside Aline Architecture Concepts. Aline was founded by two partners, Brian Laubenthal and Brian Krob. Both believe that a great architect’s job is to bring to life each individual client’s vision and not about imposing their own style on everything they touch.

This shared belief is what brought us together. They also share our vision for branding. Every great brand is clear, concise, and coherent. It doesn’t work the same if you just slap a logo on a building when you’re done. A brand’s identity must be defined and developed before it can be integrated into its environment otherwise they will never seamlessly work together.
We are so excited about this new partnership. Sharing this beautiful studio allows us to work closely together to build some of the most exciting brands Arizona has yet to see. Our teams are already collaborating on some exciting new projects and we can’t wait to share them all with you!


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