An Uber Successful Rebrand.


A New Uber Logo: The Best Mistake Ever!

Uber’s new logo has created an uproar. Uber users and the online community are talking it out, trying to make sense of this new brand direction. So far, speculations and reviews have been unkind. The internet is flooded with responses labeling the new logo as “horrible” and “a big mistake.” But why is everyone so mad? Can this fatal flaw be reversed?

As a wordsmith and brand connoisseur, I personally love the new logo. Now, before you write me off, let me explain why the change works.

Uber Is All Grown Up. Their new brand direction speaks to their evolution as a company. When Uber first started out, they catered to the affluent or uber rich. The old “U with a black backdrop” spoke to the company’s old clientele. Their “U” design symbolized the sleek aesthetic feel and experience that these clients were looking for. Uber founder, Travis Kalanick, described the old logo as distant and cold—he was right. Now, Uber is making their brand more universal and appealing to everyone.

Branding Across the World. The Uber ride share program has worldwide reach, so why shouldn’t their brand? The new brand is designed to reflect the colors of each country independently. So, in Mexico, you’ll find Mexican textile colors, like pink, in your Uber app. If you were in Nigeria, you’ll see green. The overall concept of the brand makeup doesn’t change, but the colors on your smartphone app will be more relatable to you and your surroundings. Relating to your target market, in Uber’s case it’s the drivers and riders, is the number one reason for creating a brand.

Brand Awareness. So much talk about the new brand logo has many people asking, is it really that big a deal? Yes, it is. A company’s brand is the most valuable tool it has. When you do a total rebrand your aspirations to connect with your target market may get lost in translation. Losing the “U” may have been referred to as unwise, but everyone will remember the controversial switch. Some critics have spoken up, stating that the rebrand is a last attempt to smooth over bad public relations. I believe that the move from being “sophisticated” or “classy” to a more modern and trendy vibe is showing users that Uber is evolving. Evolution in branding shows growth, which is always great.


Enough about my opinion. What do you guys think?


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